89117 Surgery Center Offers LASIK Eye Surgery

Doctors or Surgeons or DIY?

As odd and quackery as this seems, the person offering the do it yourself home LASIK kit is serious. Given the choice between self mutilation that may or most likely will cause blindness and paying a little more for a trained professional who is reliable seems like an easy choice. Unfortunately people are still purchasing at home kits to cut their own cornea with a laser at the comfort of home. For the less brave be reassured that the 3 written positive reviews on their website are probably legit. Being a Lasik user in the Las Vegas 89117 area I can say that the procedure is not for the faint of heart, so why learn on the only set of eyes you have.


One of the biggest ironies of the provider of the LASIK at home system is that the PhD is still wearing glasses. He is not only a LASIK at home provider, but he is also NOT a user. Don’t let that falter your trust in the product though, he backs it with his no warranty, no guarantee, and no possibility of being approved by the FDA. Provider in the 89117 area are skeptical of the results, but obviously they haven’t tried the system yet, since they are not blind.

The whole offer might seem like a cruel joke invented by a Darwinian believer trying to thin out the herd, but it is our duty to warn citizens in the 89117 part of Las Vegas about LASIK eye surgery quackery that would prevent ever seeing the Red Rock mountains majesty again.

What does the system consist of? Well the scal-pal, sounds like it is a scalpel pal, which does the dirty work of actually removing the cornea during the surgery.

Patients of the red rock surgery center are reporting great success around 89117 where Lasik procedures are performed by a doctor. The average time for recovery is a few weeks, which means vacation time or plans and arrangements should be made for a peaceful recovery without stress or over excursion. We recommend a peaceful day of laying in bed and listen to some music or a book on tape. Don’t try reading a book right after, since the cotton will be in the way.


June 22, 2014